What is: Shlumpf?

Shlumpfette has been taken by the evil Ananasi who love nothing more than a nice tasty Shlumpf for lunch!

On your rescue mission for Shlumpfette make sure you eat your fruit for big bonuses as you hop, bounce and slide your way through 10 levels to save your plump, pink and above all tasty ladyshlumpf!

Watch out for the giant inky Ananasi as it chases you through the levels in your search for Shlumpfette!

Game features:

  • 10 levels – more coming soon in the full version!
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy control system designed for the small screen
  • Beat your highscore, pickup where you left off or start afresh each time!
  • Crazy country banjo soundtrack!


My role: Art Direction and game design



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