A little info about us

DreamFever Ltd is a full-service digital interaction studio founded earlier this year. We’re based in Surrey, South UK, but we work with lovely people from all over the world.

Great interpersonal skills and the team always produce high quality work and also meet their deadlines without compromising on quality.

The team at DreamFever are a mix of industry specialists from around the UK – designers, developers, audio specialists. The core team is currently made up of one person, Kristian Fosh, handling art direction/asset creation and development for game/web content. In addition to that we have three external team members – Dan Goodayle, Chris Jolley and Jeff Karagianis who have offered their professional skills in development, audio and animation on various titles created by the team and who I hope to pull into service again one day soon.

I am a former lead artist at Jagex Ltd, in charge of the art team responsible for the online arcade FunOrb – prime responsibilities included defining art styles for the varied titles created as well as spending time working as GUI artist for the flagship title RuneScape. He has spent over nine years in the multimedia design profession. Before working at Jagex he was head of an in-house design team for JCB Ltd.

Dan is often the support brain to the operation and brings technical expertise to many a partnership. Currently heading his own studio Just A Pixel, he has been involved in several titles including the Flipper and the upcoming title ‘Light’. Dan has the professional experience to make any title a success – having produced everything from web sites and databases to online gaming and iPhone/Pad apps!

Let’s talk

We’ve help businesses, organizations and individuals from around the world bring their projects to life. If you’ve got an idea or a brief and you think we can help, please get in touch!

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